Roving Winds Farm

Roving Winds Farm is a working farm located in Coldwater, in Central Ontario, Canada. Herd health and fibre quality are the most important aspects of our business.

We also keep Irish Dexter Cattle for meat and milking purposes.  we sometimes offer breeding stock and freezer beef.                                           ...More

2014 marks our Farms 10th year breeding cashmere goats in Canada! 

This year we will be attending the Toronto Knitters April Frolic -April 26th at the Japanese Canadian Cultural.  We will be in the same booth as last year. 

Twist  -August 23rd and 24th, 2014

Woodstock Fleece and fibre-October 18th, 2014

In the meantime for all your shopping needs. Please visit us at:


Cashmere Goats
Cashmere Goats
This easy to handle goat produces cashmere fiber of a minimum 1.25 inch length and measuring up to 19 microns in diameter. Visit this section to view more information on our most popular breed.
  Dexter Cattle
These small breed cattle are easy to handle and train.  They are healthy, hardy and  perfect for people new to farming.   They are tri purpose cattle who are winning the hearts of many in the farming world.
We are working on a small breed of goat with a wonderful temperament and a beautiful long guard hair coats.  Perfect as pets.

Tel: (705) 326-6993